Our pricing is very reasonable and competitive with the chain framing stores. At Baillie’s, you buy the materials to match your artwork, not the other way around. All our materials are custom cut to your specifications. We guarantee your satisfaction!

We often get asked the question, “How much does it cost to frame a picture?” The answer depends on what you are having framed and the way you choose to frame it. Here are a couple of examples, with specific sizes. Your cost will depend on the size of your piece and how you wish to frame it.

A university degree, sized 11 x 17 inches ( we use imperial measurements)

1) Mat – a two to three inch mat is suitable for a piece this size. Choose from our wide selection of mat colours in both archival and decorative mats. Archival mats will preserve the piece and will not fade or discolour over long periods of time. The mat will bring the size up to 16 x 22 inches.
2) Frame – We stock over 100 styles of frame moulding. Our solid wood frames come direct from first world manufacturers and come in a wide variety of profiles, colours and sizes. We also carry manufactured wood frames, for a less expensive option.
3) Glass – Choose from regular or non-glare glass
4) Backing – We use inert rigid foam with a clay coating on each side for backing. It is specially formulated to protect your artworks against fading and discolouration.

Final price will be from $100, depending on the mat and frame chosen. Other pieces around that size, such as children’s artwork, photographs and other artwork will be priced similarly.
baillies website diploma text

Painting on Canvas, sized 16 x 20 inches

1) Stretching – We use quality wood stretcher bars to stretch your canvas artwork. The stretcher bars come in a variety of widths and depths for you to chooses from, depending on how you want the finished piece to look. Stretching costs around $35 for a gallery wrap. We can also tape the sides in black,keeping the look of a gallery wrap, but allowing all of your image to be seen from the front.
2) Framing – Add an optional frame to your stretched canvas to complete the look. A quality frame for a canvas this size would start around $90, depending on which frame you choose.

website label unframed canvas

website label stretcher bars
website label stretched canvas
website label black tape
website label black edges canvas
website label framed canvas two
website label framed canvas

Large Artwork, sized 20 x 24 inches

1) Mat – Choose your mat colour and size. Larger pieces generally look better with larger mats. This piece will become 26 x 30 inches with the mat.
2) Frame – You will need to choose a frame profile that will accent the piece on the wall and have the strength to support the mat and glass. Choose a frame to fit the style of the artwork, whether it be modern, formal, casual or rustic.
3) Again choose from regular or non glare glass
4) Archival backing will support and protect your investment. Total price on this project would be around $235, including the tax.
baillies website artwork framed

So you can see there are many options for all of your framing needs. We will be happy to provide a quote on a specific piece, and we offer discounts on bulk framing. See our bulk framing page for more information of bulk pricing.

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