Bring your old photos, slides and negatives out of the closet!

It’s winter here in Grand Bend.  The quiet season is a great time to work on those projects that the summer just never seems to have time for.  One such project is sorting through old photos, slides or negatives.  You know – the ones that are stashed in shoe boxes in closets or under the bed.  They could be old prints inherited from family, old photos from when the kids were little, or slides of that amazing backpacking trip through Europe.  Memories are made to be celebrated and shared and we can help with that.  Our scanner can digitize old prints, slides and negatives.  We can repair age spots, rips and wrinkles. We can even remove your ex son-in-law!   Your newly rejuvenated file can then be printed on our quality photo paper or canvas and framed to suit.  Our pricing for these services is very competitive, starting from only $10 to scan, repair and print.  Free great grandma from the closet!


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