A simple christmas card…

One of our friends came across a 100 year old Christmas card from the First World War. Sent from the front, it contained the sender’s unit and his service number. It was from PFC Peters, a stretcher bearer in the Huron Regiment. You can find his service number on the government website with an entire history of his service, including where and when he signed on, and how long he served. This framing contains memorabilia related to PFC Peters including his unit badge, a card with the regiment emblem, and a reproduction of the inside of the Christmas card. As you can see, it presents a summary of an important period in a serviceman’s life. This type of treatment can be used for a variety of different situations. How many of them apply to your family history? We can help you get those special mementos out of the shoebox and into a beautiful framed piece you will be proud to display in your home. The total cost of this package, including specialty mat cut outs and a quality wood frame, is around $200.
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